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3DPrinting.Glass is your pre-selected source of 3D Printing for engineering and Design professionals in search of process information, new technology inspiration, research and applications. The content is readily made available by and for industry professionals.

The 3DPrinting.Glass blog is supported by a network of volunteers that share their latest insights from the industry with a broader network of lighting, glass and 3D printing professionals around the globe.

Having your event, showcase or product highlighted on our blog is possible to a certain extend, but we remain committed to bringing the best and latest lighting updates, rather than becoming an advertising platform.

Our advertising options include:

* Banner Advertising (header / sidebar / inline)
* Advertorials
* Guest posts

If you are interested to reach out to our lighting friends in the field, please drop us a note, we’d be delighted to find out what access we can provide you via Lighting-Inspiration.com