ETH Zurich Researchers Create Complex Glass Objects with a 3D Printer


Producing glass objects using a 3D printer is far from easy. To date, only a handful of research groups around the globe have attempted to produce a variety of glass parts using inventive additive manufacturing methods. These may, for example, include 3D printing of molten glass, but the disadvantage is the extremely high temperatures and heat-resistant equipment. Alternatively, powdered...

3D Printing Transparent Glass

Image by 3DPrinting.Glass of MIT 3DPrinted Glass

The technology behind 3D printing — which initially grew out of work at MIT — has exploded in recent years to encompass a wide variety of materials, including plastics and metals. Simultaneously, the cost of 3D printers has fallen sufficiently to make them household consumer items. Now a team of MIT researchers has opened up a new frontier in 3D...

Glassomer 3D Prints Fused Silica Glass on SLA Desktop Printers


Glassomer, a spin-off from the NeptunLab Department of Microsystems Technology at the University of Freiburg, recently launched a new methodology to structure fused silica glass by means of 3D printing. Shaping glass has always been a challenge – up until now it is not something that could be easily be done in the workspace. Now, Glassomer is...